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YAT - Youth Action Team of Irvine

The Youth Action Team is a third-party program, ran by the City of Irvine, and not affiliated with TUSD and Orchard Hills. 

Youth Action Team is an after-school program that encourages students to be actively involved in their community. YAT is a great way for students to learn new skills, experience new challenges, develop leadership skills, make new friends and discover they have what it takes to make a difference in their community.  YAT partners with local organizations to provide projects servicing the community, youth , family, animals and the environment.

All students attend Wednesday meetings after school, but teams of 14 rotate weekly to offsite excursions on Mondays. Monday projects will start after school and end times will vary depending on project locations. Weekly YAT emails will be sent out by staff.

For registration information as well as a schedule of events, please visit the website or contact the Orchard Hills YAT Coordinator.

YAT Senior Leader Site coordinator:
Chloe Lieber